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Female Sex Toys

The benefits of sex toys to female
In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the ideas of many women have also changed greatly, and more and more women are shopping for vibrators online.According to the google Index, searches for "female sex toy" have been conducted since the beginning of 2021. It ranks third among all item searches.
Since many women are completely unfamiliar with vibrators,let alone try their"first time with excitement, as an old hand, I also tell my friends about proper posture when using the vibrator and some things to consider. matter.
1. Pay attention to the rhythm the first time you use it.
Just like the first night, foreplay is very important, after all, no one wants to get off easy and rude.Youcan get into the state first to ensure adequate lubrication and wetting. Some women may also use lube.The YOOGiGi vibrator can set different frequencies, and different suits have different styles and sizes.
2. Set the intensity that suits you and try it slowly.
Once you find the best intensity, try vibrator different vibration modes.Experience each mode and find the one you like best. Although there is no particular model that is sure to make you soar to the heavens, many women find that they have a preference.
It is very interesting to try different intensities and modes, but when you are ready to climax, you will definitely want to maintain a certain optimal state, When the vibrator kicks in, you may notice your body squirming slightly, which is normal. Allow your body to respond naturally.
3.Be careful not to rely on "devices".
Let me be clear. there is no conclusive evidence that you are"addicted to the device. However, for many women, after using the vibrator, their sensitive points wear off or they find that orgasm becomes increasingly difficult without the vibrator. At this point, they need to stop using the vibrator for 1-2 weeks.

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99 products