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What are the dangers of an inharmonious sexual life?
1.Sexual dysfunction OCcurs.
Disharmony in sex life affects the enjoyment of the sex life of husband and wife and affects the intimate relationship between husband and wife. In severe cases, it can lead to sexual dysfunction in one or both spouses and even a crisis in married life. Long-term disharmonious sex life can also harm men and make them prone to impotence, premature ejaculation, and chronic prostate disease. It can also cause them psychological harm and hurt their self-esteem, self-confidence, and trust in their lovers.
2. Causes pharyngitis in men.
Sexual disharmony and male pharyngitis is a seemingly irrelevant problem. However, Israeli medical researchers found in a dynamic follow-up of the health of 10.000 men:Within five years, the number of people suffering from pharyngitis increased A common reason was found among the male groups. Their marriage quality is very poor, and their wives have no tenderness towards them. A happy and satisfying sex life brings more than mental pleasure.

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18 products