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Cock Rings

What is the cock ring?
The cock ring can also be called the penis ring and the energy ring. Perhaps people who have never used it will feel that wearing this one has an indescribable sense of perversion.But i is also functional, not just an ornament.He can delay ejaculation, which may be of great help to people who have erectile dysfunction and who have trouble with early ejaculation.
What is the function of penis ring?
The penis ring is a kind of sex toy that is placed on the bottom of the penis (including the scrotum) or directly on the middle of the penis.
His purpose is to use a tool to make you more durable and more sensitive in sex. But at this time you may ask: more durable, but more sensitive? Isn't this contradictory? Originally, I also had very doubts about the usefulness of this, untill found the answer:
"Delayed Ejaculation"
The main reason is that the root of the penis is bound by the ring, so when you really want to ejaculate, it will get stuck and it is easier to control him with consciousness. You can practice slowly not to shoot so fast
"More sensitive"
The main reason is that after putting on the energy ring, the blood in the penis will remain congested. When the penis and glans are swollen, every touch and friction will become very sensitive.

25 products
25 products
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