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Male Sex Toys

What kind of health care functions does harmonious sexual life has?
Sex is equivalent to jogging. If you have sex 3 times a week, it is equivalent to jogging 75 kilometers in a year, and the heat energy burned is 7.500 calories. Some people say that sex is an exercise in bed. During sex, breathing is unconsciously deepened, increasing the amount of oxygen in the cells and promoting the function of various organs and tissues in the body. There seems to be some basis for this.
2.Increase in hormone secretio
During sex.especially before orgasm and ejaculation, the natural release of this hormone is 3 to 5 times higher than usual. Therefore, many men in the West do not take drugs to supplement the hormone but hope that the body can naturally release such manhood. Hormones. In women,estrogen can help them have good blood circulation. 
3.Reduce stress and protect your mind from youthfulness
Clubbing, fitness, and ball games are modern people's choices for stress relief, In fact. sex in a aood mood is the most effective way to relieve mental stress for both men and women.According to Japanese medical research, proper sex helps prevent brain aging and boosts metabolism, delaving the rate of memory loss.

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88 products